Stories From The Set

victoria.jpgVictoria Emmons
(Rachel Morton)

When I walked onto the set of Come What May, I had a script in my hand and excitement and nervousness in my stomach. It was my first film, and I didn't know what was expected of me. But guided by the loving hands of the AFG team, I quickly learned.

A normal day for me consisted of waking up, makeup, wardrobe, breakfast, rehearsing, blocking, filming, lunch, filming, dinner, filming, de-wardrobing, makeup removal, bedtime. Wake up and repeat. I loved every minute of it. I love reading a scene on paper, talking it through with the other actors, and then feeling and seeing it come to life as we became our characters.

People always ask what I found the most difficult about the production; it was acting when I didn't feel like acting. The first week I had major jet lag and insomnia, and I didn't sleep at all. One night when I called home I found out that my sister was really sick, and not doing well. It was so hard to know that I couldn't be with her to help. Then, during pickup shooting, I came down with laryngitis and had to act with a 104-degree temperature. There were just those few times when I didn't feel like acting, and yet, the show had to go on! I wouldn't have traded a minute of those trials because it made me rely completely on the Lord and not at all on myself.

Working so closely with so many people will either bring you all together like family, or it will drive everyone crazy. For me, I really do consider the AFG team as part of my family. We had so many wonderful times learning together, acting together, working together, laughing together, and worshiping together. They taught me what it means to focus on the job you alone can do, while still working together to get the movie made.

I wouldn't trade the experience of making Come What May for anything.